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Why Franchise?

“The Touch-Less Disinfection Franchise Opportunities”.

If you are looking for a simple business opportunity or to include Sanondaf System in your existing Cleaning or pest Control services with a low risk and a high profit margin then SANONDAF franchise opportunities tick every box.

Sanondaf is the first European’s disinfection & decontamination franchise, offering professionalism and environmentally safe service destroying 99.99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, funghi, moulds and yeast, in fact any microorganism susceptible to our hospital grade disinfectants. We have a number of case studies that prove the efficacy of our technology against staphylococcus (incl. MRSA). Entercoccus (incl. VRE), H5N1, H1N1, Legionella, Aspergillusniger, Candida albicans and many other types of microorganism.

Sanondaf backs up its best-in-class products and services with unparalleled training and support that prepares new franchise owners not just on cleaning but on successful business ownership, with marketing and operations guidance from the best in the business. It’s impossible to find a better disinfecting & decontamination franchise opportunity.

Thinking you’re ready for a disinfection franchise business opportunity that’s one of the best values in franchising? We want to expand, especially from Europe, and want to hear from you.

To receive more detailed information about a Sanondaf Franchise complete the online form and we’ll send you out our comprehensive Franchise Information Booklet.

To receive more detailed information about a Sanondaf Franchise complete the online form and we’ll send you out our comprehensive Franchise Information Booklet.

Take Control

Are you ready to take on your own touch-less disinfection business?

Starting your own business can sometimes be a daunting prospect.

Many people like you would like to be their own boss. This may be for a number of reasons but the most common is that they see no long term security in working for someone else, and feel that their potential income will always be limited as an employee; especially if they are self motivated and hard working.

Franchising offers these individuals an opportunity to break free & own their own business whilst at the same time minimize the risks inherent in opening an entirely new business from scratch.

As statistic proves, Franchising allows you to follow a tried and tested business model and tried and tested operating system, which has achieved some market share and brand awareness, all of which will greatly improve your chances of success.

When starting a business as a self-employed person, you will make mistakes, which can be costly if not catastrophic. An established franchise would have ironed out those problems. They will have a documented operating system contained within the franchise manuals giving you guidance on how to operate the business, image, to proven operating system, with back up products and equipment that the ongoing consultation and mentoring that you are benefiting for.

One of the most important aspects of becoming a franchisee is that help is at hand at every stage. We, as your Franchisor, will provide initial training, launch and marketing support and day-to-day consultation and support. The fact that as a franchisee you are in business for yourself but not by yourself is a major factor in the improved success rate that is associated with franchising.

The next page we talk about the support that you can expect from us, but before you read on think about you and if you are ready to take the next steps.  Support at home or from friends and advisors will be important to you and continuous hard work is the essence of franchising success. If you feel that you wish to take matters forward, we would encourage that they are involved in your decision process.

So Take control of your future today and Franchise

Our Offer

Our business proposal to you…

Our Proposal

SANONDAF is now looking to expand its existing operation through new strategic partnerships with local territorial franchisees

We are looking for territorial leaders with a strong demonstrable track record of success who can recognise an exceptional business opportunity and who have the depth of talent required to drive dynamic business growth through directly franchising our brand in their local markets, supporting multi channel markets (hospitals, nurseries, schools, airports, hotel and restaurants and many more)

By becoming a SANONDAF franchisee, you will be in an enviable position to satisfy your clients needs in this area, using our tried-and-tested formula, our equipment and products, our brand image, our knowledge, and all our industrial and intellectual property rights

Who We Are Looking For

We are planning to enter the market through a Master Franchise or an Area Development agreement once the Area developer has proved his capabilities, he can then become a Master Franchise selling Sub Franchises at territorial level and we will provide all franchisees with relevant documentation.

Area Development Franchise Partners must demonstrate SUCCESS as a multi-unit operator with the highest of standards.

Sell and SUPPORT sub franchisees.

MARKET that can support at least 10 – 15 units.

Franchise Relationships

Your franchise agreementThis contains details on both our and your obligations. It also grants you the right to use:

  • The Sanondaf name
  • The Sanondaf logo tailored for your territory
  • Access to Sanondaf full brand manual
  • Our system and methods of operating the business
  • Our know-how and intellectual property
  • Our training and technical advice

Your territory:   We will grant you specific and sole rights to the territory with an agreement of 10yrs with a renewal option for another 10yrs.


Other Keys and Conditions

  • International Visits: 12 visits a year maybe more in the initial year.
  • Ongoing Monthly Royalty Fee: 8.5%
  • Revenue Split: 75 / 25% split to Developer/Master and Sanondaf. respectively.
  • Marketing Contribution: 2.5%
Next Step

What are the next steps…

Once you have had an opportunity to consider the Sanondaf franchise opportunity, we would like you to:


  • Contact us by phone to discuss the opportunity and if you feel you would like to find out more then we will send you an application form and confidentiality agreement for you to complete and return
  • Draw up a list of any questions you may have
  • Draw up a list of reasons why the opportunity is right for you and why you believe you will be successful
  • Have a meeting with us, to discuss the possibility of franchising with usyou’re your territory. Following that meeting:
    • Gather more information from us and conduct your due diligence and let us assess your suitability – after all neither of us want to make a mistake, as our success will depend on your success
    • Take some time out to consider the commitment you are making and discuss this with you partner and advisors
  • Produce a budget/business plan, Sanondaf will help you with this, but you need to seek independent advice from your own advisors to validate the figures and ensure you are totally comfortable with the financial models
  • You can then return and have a further meeting with us to review your business plan.  We would welcome any member of your advisory team or your partner, should they wish to accompany you to discuss this opportunity and the implications of taking the franchise on and to agree your territory
  • Agree a start date and reserve your territory and sign a preliminary agreement  and pay your deposit to secure your territory
  • We will help you to prepare a development schedule to launch
  • Undergo the training
  • Sign the franchise agreement
  • Commence training and your territory marketing
  • Commence trading

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